Wedding, Pre-Wedding and Cinematic Video Services in Indore

Wedding Cinematography in Indore

Wedding, Pre-Wedding and Cinematic Video Services in Indore

Our Recent Works

A Wedding Cinematography is simply a storytelling film about your Wedding. Photo Factory provides world class wedding cinematography services in and around Indore and our work has already got well recognition all across the region .Our shooting style is journalistic, inconspicuous and centered on documenting each important moment as it happens.

You will be glad to know that our cinematographic experts are also known as film makers in the Industry. We make movie that recreate the emotions and memories of your wedding day. The cinematic wedding film is shot in a distinguished manner and we prefer to capture multiple short clips about your event. In our experience, we have found that these short clips are much helpful in creating a memorable story that you will want to watch again and again.

At Photo Factory, we conceptualize and design our wedding films after a meticulous study of our lead characters, i.e., “The Bride & The Groom”. Kindly contact us to view our artistic work, featured films (highlights) and to discover how we can add real beauty to your grand event.

Lip Dub Wedding Video Making in Indore

Lip Dub Videos

Are you thinking of going an extra mile and want to make your wedding film trailer look brilliant? If yes, Photo Factory can make it happen using wedding lip dub videos. Wedding lib dub videos are a great way to make a timeless video that is oozing with fun and just make you and your family feel like pop stars.

Basically, a lipdub is a type of music video in which people lip get sync to music, and later the original version of the music is dubbed, replacing any audio that was recorded during the making of the video.

Our professional videographers have been doing the lip dip videography for quite some time now and have realized that lip dip has become the new face of wedding music (ladies sangeet). Lip dub is most popular with our Indian audiences at weddings.

Lip dub is a nice way to make weddings more enjoyable rather than just sitting like an audience in the theatre watching the couple sitting on stage like stalkers. Sounds like fun, right? If yes, send us your inquiry and we will ensure that you get entertainment not only during the wedding music (ladies sangeet) but also before the wedding/reception.

Wedding Teaser Video Making in Indore

Wedding Teasers

Do you also want to capture your love and marriage ceremony rituals in trendy and candid Bollywood style? And if your answer is ‘Yes, Yes……….Yes’ then, read through as you are at the right place.

Photo Factory clearly understands that couples, nowadays, realize that wedding is a lifetime affair and so they want to make it unique. Wedding Teasers is one such thing that really help them feel like celebrities.

Wedding Teasers is a one or two day shoot at different places with a short story. This short story can be your first encounter with one another or any other emotional/ memorable act. Photo Factory uses some of the top trending marriage teasers like Slow Motion Video Booth, Destination Wedding Teaser, Pre-wedding Music Video and Wedding Trailers.

Our expert videographers will assist you in every step while recreating your key, happy, unique and sometimes funny moments in the form of a story. Once the shoot is over, our experts will then begin to work hard to present you a masterpiece Wedding Teaser that will bring an unforgettable smile on your face.

Corporate Films and Short Film making in Indore

Corporate and Short Films

A Corporate Film is your powerful messenger which has got tremendous expertise in communicating your business ideas, offerings, messages to your trading partners as well as new and existing customers. Photo Factory can help you by producing spot-on videos that showcase your values and your business proposition to the target audience in an effective manner.

It is pretty common these days to use short films for the purpose of recording the speakers at any corporate or social event. Corporate films are also being utilized to publish motion tutorials like E-learning programs, intranet training and Company statements. As you see, Corporate Films can take many forms depending on your business needs.

Photo Factory follows a simple approach of ‘know-who-what’ before making any corporate film. Our approach is focused on knowing you and your business in detail and then to figure out what is really great about it. This approach enables us to make Corporate Films that are right for your business needs.

So, if you are looking for any professional partner that can help you make an incredibly creative corporate film for your business, just contact us now. Our team will work with you to define your communication objectives, your target audience, the results you want and how to monitor and improve those results.