Known for its scenic post-card perfect beauty, Indore is very popular for the 7-story Rajwada Palace and the Lal Baag Palace.And, Mandu is about 100 km from there and is very well recognized for its fine architecture.

Mandu or Mandavgad is a ruined city and due to its strategic position and natural defenses, is an important place with a rich and varied history.It was an important military outpost with battlemented walland is punctuated by 12 gateways. The wall encloses a large number of palaces, mosques, Jain temples of 14th century and other buildings.

Thriving by the lush greenery all around, one can spend days together here in the lap of Mandu, exploiting the nature’s hidden treasure and beauty. Roopmati’s Pavilion is yet another major tourist attraction and offers many scenic views.


We have been wanting to do a pre-wedding photoshoot in a classy location with lots of greenery, water body, rich historic ambiance, lovely lamp shade, and lots more.Prior to shoot, we asked to-be bride what is the best thing that she liked most about her fiance and, she was all in smiles.“The best thing about him? Well, there are so many, but to start with, he really cares for me and my opinions over anything. Since day one (1), he has made sure that we talk enough & know each other well. He is very supportive and respects my decisions. All of these things make me fall in love with him every day.”

This is not all but rather a beginning of something extraordinary to happen. We just can’t get enough of these two Lovebirds. Photo Factory experts have the best of times when a date-turned-shoot complimented with outing-turned-fun and evening turns into a memorable day away from the craziness & rush of the city.

We witnessed some very pure moments and the couple appreciated all of the deliverables, especially, accommodating to all last minute changes. The entire team got re-energized when the to-be bride said, “I am the happiest to have my wedding covered by Photo Factory experts because you constantly look around for new ideas to shoot and make us look lovely 🙂


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