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Photo Factory specializes in fun, off-beat and candid style of wedding photography and guarantee memories from your wedding that will last a lifetime. We place ourselves among those top quality wedding photographers in Indore who actually ensure that you get what you need in order to make your wedding memories eternal. Our deliverables include wedding stories which include the combination of still wedding photos and the wedding movie. This is for sure that the so-created comprehensive story will remain in your family for many generations to come.

The distinguishing factor about our photographers is that they love to shoot everything that happens in an around a wedding; be it the makeup, the family drama, the pranks, the hidden glances or public display of love. We love it all and we capture them all too.

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June 14, 2017


PRE-WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT AND FILM IN THE OUTSKIRTS – Mandu, INDORE Known for its scenic post-card perfect beauty, Indore is very popular for the 7-story Rajwada Palace […]